Good maintenance protects your investment, enhances comfort, extends life expectancies and reduces your costs. It makes great sense. Some homeowners do the maintenance themselves, and others get help with it.

There are two main categories of roofing systems: sloped roofs and flatroofs. Roofing professionals callthese steep roofs and low sloped roofs. Sloped roofing systems are not watertight; they shed water with overlapping shingles or tiles.

Gutters and downspouts have two major functions. Firstly, they protect the walls of a building from waterthat would ordinarily run off the roof. This water can damage the wall surfaces and cause localized erosion at ground level.

Air-cooled air conditioning systems are the most common. They have two main components: the evaporator, which may be in the ductwork immediately above the furnace or in the attic, and the condenser, which is outdoors. 

Typically, the water mains in residential areas are four inches to 12 inches in diameter, and run several feet below the street level. Smaller pipes, usually 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch diameter, run from city mains into buildings.

There are multiple types of home foundations.  Whether it’s concrete slab, basement foundation, crawl space foundation or piers we have the expertise to make sure you have a clear picture of current or potential issues.


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